For Children with Special Needs


Special Needs Trusts

Trust solutions that avoid the loss of Medicaid and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and enhance the quality of life of the individual with special needs.

We assist individuals and families in the following areas:

• Protecting your special needs child.

• Preserving the settlement of personal injury victims.

• Securing and maintaining public benefits for the victim.

• Trust Drafting and Approval.

• Applying for Court Orders .

• Securing Governmental Approvals.

• Estate Planning for the Family.


Guardianship is a tool to be considered only when a person cannot because of age or mental limitations, make competent decisions regarding his/her own affairs. It is the most restrictive and intrusive form of surrogate decisionmaking. Guardianship is necessary when access to the individual’s assets is required (to pay for care or basic necessities) or healthcare and living decisions must be made. An individual, who has an appointed guardian, is called the ward.